Masterclass Metacognitive Therapy, Stockholm 2020

We invite you to participate in MCT Masterclass in Stockholm Sweden 2020. MCT masterclass is a training program for therapists arranged by the Metacognitive Therapy(R)Institute in Manchester/Trondheim in collaboration with the Swedish branch of MCT Institute. MCT Master-class aims to provide state-of-the-art training for clinicians to develop a high level of competency in MCT. In […] weiterlesen »

MCT Masterclass mit Adrian Wells und Hans Nordahl in Hannover startet 2019

  Adrian Wells and Hans M Nordahl will provide MCT masterclass in Hannover, Germany, once again. This training program is arranged by the Metacognitive Therapy Institute in Manchester and the MCT Institute- German Branch. Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) is an innovative system of evidence based psychotherapy, which can be used treating a whole range of disorders. […] weiterlesen »

MCT Conference in Prague 2019

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Die nächste Masterclass startet 2018 in Copenhagen

Masterclass 2018-2019_COPENHAGEN


2017 startet die erste MCT-Masterclass in Deutschland! MCT Masterclass mit Adrian Wells und Hans Nordahl  Jetzt auch in Deutschland (Hannover)!!! Ab Februar 2017 werden Prof. Adrian Wells und Prof. Hans Nordahl ihr Weiterbildungscurriculum zur Metakognitiven Therapie auch in Deutschland anbieten. Die Metakognitive Therapie (MCT) ist eine moderne Form der Psychotherapie, die ursprünglich aus wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen […] weiterlesen »